Welcome to Lotuslap Play & Public School


The Education system at Lotus Lap has evolved, through the conceptual thinking of the resourceful people. Who are driven by the urge to create knowledge base and confidence in the minds of the students? So that they would be in a state of mind to face any kind of challenge in their life.

Be it qualifying for IIT’s or reaching the premises of MIT, it all depends on the perspective of the student and it is that perspective, which will be given a concrete foundation at Lotus Lap.

With the exposure to world class education systems and having been in the forefront, in expanding the knowledge of the world class education system in India, the people at Lotus Lap are well entrenched in their efforts, to bring the high quality education concept to the students of Hyderabad.

The basic aim of the Lotus Lap education system is to ensure that the students of the School are a lap ahead in terms of the knowledge to go ahead in the race to a bright future.